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Peace In Heaven 1080p Hd Infrared


Peace In Heaven 1080p Hd Infrared --



















































Peace In Heaven 1080p Hd Infrared



I will purchase day one. The detail is amazing. Many more demos will appear soon. But future versions will always have split screen, which is for the Rift NOT cross eyes! :) cross eyes are bad. We don't support it currently.


Yes this can happen, I set my Rift brightness / contrast low like you did. Thanks for posting. Please let me know how I can help. This worked for me. Once again, amazing work and thanks very much. Happy to help (free) with the Mac build If that's still needed. November 24, 2013 InfiniteReply Thanks! I just got your email and will be in touch.


The rift and the vr experience is going to completely change everything.not just gaming, gaming will be great but - experiences - thats where its at for me. Pinterest The worlds catalog of ideas Search . Nothing polished, just fun. What could be wrong ? Thanks for help. A Rift version would be cool. I recommend purchasing an Oculus Rift. More demos are on the way, some with Razer Hydra support.


Home About Team Work Services Contact Blog Store . That said there is few major issue with your demo. August 20, 2013 OneironautReply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! This is literally the future, I can't believe how detailed the model looks. #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney August 20, 2013 InfiniteReply There's no way I can think of to make this a KS campaign. August 21, 2013 InfiniteReply Haha yes indeed. There should be only a very slight amount of change to get the correct scale to fit your IPD, you can adjust it in real-time. If the scale seems wrong, try and alter your IPD settings, as this has a profound effect on scene scale. It's like you are stuck in a world out of broken data with a portal.


I recommend learning how to use the Rift from the main Oculus site if you are new to it. The model was great too but the pose wasn't revealing enough in my opinion ;) August 21, 2013 InfiniteReply Haha thanks. January 3, 2015 Blas VickerReply Milestone tech in VR, this will be game changer! Any chance to ger version to google cardboard and durovis dive? For Android or ios? Excellent work, you will be remembered in future books! January 9, 2015 InfiniteReply No sorry. With a i7 3.4 ghz and an Ati Radeon 5870, at 1280x800 good quality it runs at 37 fps. Please leave feedback about what you think can be improved and I will try and offer some adjusted revisions ASAP. I will take this into account. Repeat step 3 until you get it right!!! .follow your ears &its full of stars! - Credits: *Developer:* Infinite ( *3rd-Party Audio Content:* Thanks to Unity3D, Marmoset Co and OculusVR, also to the Oculus VR Unity dev forum, special thanks to drash and SMD for helping me script a free roaming camera solution. August 15, 2013 InfiniteReply Thanks! August 15, 2013 HappyHimitsuReply This was really quite enjoyable, the only issue I have is that lighter colors are much harder to see on the Rift so when you are out cruising over the ground it's almost like being snowblind. Bit of a lag my end on 'fantastic' setting but wow, just wow with the scans and the textures it just completely blew me away.

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